Custom Design & Planning Your Event

You would like to have that special event and don't have the time to plan, venue search, shop for product, set-up day of event and do all the work that is involved to make your event a success... well we can do this all for you. Sit back & relax and let us do all the work.

From the beginning planning stages until the end of your event we can provide this complete service for you, plan, design, work with professional vendors, shop for product and put it all together the day of. We have provided this service for our clients. We work with many professional's in the business for all your service needs. Check out our work below and then call us to discuss fully executing your event from beginning to end. 


** Consultation with each client to bring their theme & color palette of their dream to life.

** Research / shop comparision for the best prices.

** We will communicate with your vendor's on every aspect of the event including design and concept.

** Custom design and artful dessert buffet based on theme of the event.

** Our fee will be based exclusively on each clients needs. 

** Once you have decided on what type of event you would like, call us at 312-292-0898 for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your special event and let us work to bring your vision to life. 


Princess Birthday Party

From beginning to end we turned an empty room into a Princess room for a special 5 year.

We designed around the concept and brought our client's vision to life.



Hollywood Graduation Party

An empty clubhouse room was turned into a Hollywood Retreat for a special 8th grade graduate. Our client requested a comfortable Hollywood Theme for her graduate & his guests. Trophies were given to "best of" and the DJ had interactive games for the teens with a big screen to show videos while playing music. 



A client requested us to fully execute his wife's surprise 25th wedding anniversary. We had so much fun planning this event from beginning to end. My client's were surprised and appreciated the details that went into making her 25th anniversary party picture perfect.



Twins Baby Shower

When our client mentioned that she would like a custom designed baby shower for her twin babies our imaginaton went wild with design ideas, and we delivered a gorgeous and well planned baby shower for our client & her husband. We designed a beautiful dessert buffet, our punch recipe, favors we made for the children and beautiful decor filled the room. We had our client close her eyes before entering the room and when she saw opened her eyes and saw the room she was stunned.



Child's Sailor's 1st Birthday

Our client requested a theme and fun time for her guests at her son's 1st birthday party. We selected Sailor's First Birthday and we designed around this idea. The children had their own candy / marshmallow beverage station which they loved, especially our home made ice cream punch and blue punch beverage.




Memorial Celebration of Life

When we were hired by a couple who lost their son they requested us to have a celebration of life for him. We were given just table's at a country club and had to fill the rooms with everything from the salt and pepper shakers / decor /catering / beverages and so much more. When selecting the colors we went with a mellow yellow, gold and light green which complimented the room nicely. We designed a custom candy / sweets buffet, assembled a memory table with our clients son's items, and had a 6 foot real tree brought in to the country club where guests placed well wishes on the tree. The tree was then planted in the couples yard in memory of their son. We even had a dove release ceremony for the parents to honor their son. Over 160 people celebrated this special couple's son. 




More Photos To Be Added Soon!!