About Us 


Diane Lynn ~ Senior Event Specialist ~ has been an award winning event planner / producer / chorographer / seminar speaker for 30 years. With her many years of expertise, she loves planning events for clients who are getting married or hosting a social event. 


Marsy Yesenia ~ Lead Event Planner

Event Planning Specialist who graduated with honors from Univesidad de Santander with a GPA of 4.3. earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administrative. Marcy loves event planning and hopes to one day own her own event planning business.  


Amy Beth Outland ~ Publisher ~ Rose a special event co. newsletter

is a freelance writer and editor with social media experience and a B.A. in English and Type 09 teaching certification from Illinois State University. Amy also worked as English 101 undergraduate teaching assistant while attending Illinois State University and has written 3 novels, I'm Not Broken, Pink & Sparkly Personal Stories of How I Roll & Musings from the elephant piano Notebook. All 3 novels can be found on Amazon.com


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