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Silver Wedding  ~ Wedding Rehearsal, Wedding Ceremony & Reception. $1200.00


Please note ~ Below is a typical wedding service list. Every bride and groom require's different services and may not require some of the below services. There may be services not listed below that the bride & groom would like to have at their wedding and depending on what the services are, we will try to accommodate.


** We provide a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your wedding and what we can do for you as your wedding planner before we are hired.

** Once hired we will prepare a service agreement form based on your service needs that was discussed during the complimentary phone consultation, prepare an event planning contract, accept full payment and schedule a phone consultation to go over the details of your wedding.


Wedding Planning ~

* Phone consultations & email correspondence during the wedding planning stages according to the service agreement form.  

* Locate wedding venue for client if not held in a private residence

Schedule site visit appointment for client. 

* Upon client request refer professional vendors some of which include, photographer, videographer, florist, baker, catering, liens, chair covers / sash, entertainment, dove release, lighting, backdrop, servers, bartenders, favors, sweet buffet's, hotel room blocks, transportation, ceremony officiate, decor, audio visual, gobo, sparkler tribute, party supplies, cotton candy, popcorn, snowcone machine, bridal drapery, chocolate fountains and more.

Please note ~ if the client has their own professional vendors we will work with them.

* Phone coordination with professional vendors.

* Client wedding forms

* Upon client request negotiate pricing, develop contract and make payments with professional vendors for clients on their behalf. (client will have to sign a credit card authorization form)

* Day of decor design consultation with client and selected designer. 

* Create wedding reception floor plan meeting at venue few weeks before wedding.

* Wedding day ceremony & reception event time line consultation with client.

* Call professional vendors 1 week before wedding to discuss timeline. (brides approval)


 Wedding Rehearsal ~

* Wedding rehearsal coordination with bridal party (some church coordinators like to take the lead, but we will be ther to give assistance if necessary)

Collect tips for professional vendors.

Collect wedding reception & ceremony decor such as cake knife, cake topper, flutes, favors, candles, program books, favors etc.

* Review important information with bridal party.

* Line up bridal party for rehearsals.  


Before Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~  

 * Place church flower arrangements & pew decor.

* Decor placement if at a venue and not a church. 

*Decorate wedding arch if outside / inside ceremony.

* Pin on flowers. Present bouquets to bridesmaids.

* Pass out program books.

* Assist bride & groom.

* Wedding reception decor placement, inside and or outside such as centerpieces, favors, escort guest seating cards, sweet buffet, flower arrangement.

* Greet vendors and instruct them to where to set up, according to floor plan.

* Look over tables and make sure they are set up properly.


Wedding Ceremony

* Greet guests

* Pass out program books.

* Line up bridal party at church or venue.


Wedding Reception ~

* Instruct guests were to go.

* Oversee wedding reception according to client’s requests.

* Coordinate bridal party introductions at wedding reception.

* Orchestrate bride & groom entrance, toasts, special dances, announcements.

* Event Planners is point of contact for bride, groom, professional vendors & guests.

* Assist professional vendors as need be.

* Oversee flow of reception throughout the evening. Solve any issues that may arise.

* Distribute vendor balances & tips.

* Pack up gifts, decor etc at the end of the night and give to point of contact.

* Travel expenses which includes tolls & parking.


Extra Services

** If you would like an additional day of assistant ~ the fee will be $35.00 per hour.

** If you would like bartenders & servers for your event we can refer several companies that we have worked with. We do not serve, cleanup or bartend events.

** Standard or custom candy and or dessert buffet will be an extra fee.

** Centerpiece rental ~ extra fee per set.

** In Northern Illinois we will travel within a 55 mile radius one way, 110 miles round trip of Northern Illinois & Northern Indiana area. Additional mileage fee may apply if outside of travel radius.

Al la Carte Services


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